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The Full Story


I believe the full story is hard to explain. Some things are better experienced. If I have to sum up what this virtual revolution is about, I would have to say it boils down to We the PEOPLE.


Yeah, I'm the mouthpiece that brings it all together with duct tape and virtual glue, but without We the PEOPLE participating then

I am nothing more than a fart in the wind. 

It takes a village to raise a child. Madison County Indiana and the Lord knows it's taken a village and the U.S. Army to tame me into my destiny.

I know some people born with politics in their blood.

I was born feisty and uncontrollable at times.


My least favorite subject is politics.  

I literally can't stand politics, but yet I seem

to be really good at activism.

I understand rules, regulations, codes,

and laws as a natural instinct.

Up until recently, I thought laws protected us. 


It's hard to hold on inside my vessel

when Destiny starts happening around me.

You know the spiritual signposts

and friendly reminders of a deeper genetic calling.

It's like something out there is trying to remind me

that I am where I am supposed to be even if

I'd rather be sipping pina coladas

on a beach in FIJI or backpacking across Europe.


I was deployed to Baghdad Iraq in 2008. During my deployment, I had stalkers trying to convince my leadership that I was WANTED criminally stateside. They literally had me and my leadership thinking that I was going to be arrested over monies owed to ITT Tech (Indy) when I got home. NOTE: I'm not the criminal, I was the target. 

In 2023, I am still in shock that the Army didn't know the difference between real criminals and their own soldiers back then. I was also deployed nondeployable and should not have a deployment story, but here I am. Believe it or not, local politicians and citizens don't care about my service. They are willing to say very rude things in court about it. SMH

I did not learn about the ITT Tech Scandal

until nearly 2019. I feel as if we were handed over

to these professional criminals as a child.

They were allowed to recruit seniors in high school.

ITT Tech ruined my future education. 


For whatever reason I have been targeted

by more white-collar criminals and

unknown stalkers for as long as I can remember.

I had a hard time adjusting or assimilating

back into society cause of the gaslighting

from actual national and international criminals

who didn't get caught until around 2014-2016.

It took me many years to figure out

the extent of the story. The damages caused by

some of these people are immeasurable. 


I learned a lot through the process.

I was the target and not the criminal.

In a roundabout way, all the series of misfortunate

events have made me a better human being.

I can honestly say I know what it feels like to be

targeted by professional criminals

and absolutely nobody would listen.

Because it's easier to blame victims than it is

to believe there are other human beings willing

to destroy a person's life without

ever meeting them in person.


It happens more than anyone likes to admit.  

May 2023: I learned that there are inadequate laws in Indiana. FREE Roaming Criminals are real, and some people get away with crimes due

to the lack of wording in the Indiana Codes. 

Statute of Limitations for Real Estate Fraud

is 5 years in the State of Indiana.

How is a normal American Citizen supposed

to know that in the State of Indiana,

crimes can be committed against you without

your knowledge until it is made known

and there is nothing you can do about it?!?


If it's been 17-plus years since the crime

occurred then neither of us can seek damages

or have a criminal investigation launched

to figure out what happened.

As a Combat Veteran, I was told certain crimes

against our government had

no statutes of limitations.

In my naivete, I assumed that felonies

and frauds would not have a statute of limitation. 


I even thought that there was such a thing

as a Fraud Time Clock.

If a document from a crime was replayed

years later a crime clock would begin ticking.

Maybe I saw it in a movie once

or something along those lines, but for

whatever reason Fraud Time Clocks don't exist.

Unless it pertains to the Government or Murder.


In my opinion not having adequate laws suck

because a lot of people can get away

with some pretty heinous crimes, but

due to the Statute of Limitation for the crime,

no one will be investigated,

or charged with a crime,

nor can damages for the crime be sought after.

I was literally in my 45th year of existence when I learned Indiana laws are inadequate. More often than not, the laws in Indiana protect the criminals more than the victims. If or when you point it out to the Justice System then some of them say OOPS and State Complaints get ignored or no one wants to respond to you the way they are supposed to legally. 

This website and what I am dubbing baby steps

of the Virtual Revolution

are a culmination of many things.

It's like everything I have done over the years

plus my genetics are being catapulted

into my purpose and true calling. 

The website shows a sense of humor,

mixed with real-life advocacy & activism,

mixed with adventures, heartache & pain,

and a lot of passion for my fellow citizens

with compassion for true change. 

Welcome to the NON-PARTISAN

We the PEOPLE Virtual Revolution!

Join Us for future Advocacy

& Activism opportunities.

(Rallies/Town Halls/Petitions/Advocacy & Activism plus some)

Several ways were created to allow us

to communicate with each other

and engage the public with miscellaneous

topics in Indiana. 

Find Us on Facebook

or here in the virtual wilderness.

We are either part of the problem

or actively participating in solutions.

We need all hands on deck

at this pivotal moment in American History.

Which side of History do you want to be on?!?

The one where We the People

let our rights erode away

or the ones who helped catapult change...

Non-Partisan / Family Friendly / Non-Denominational

WE THE PEOPLE came to do 2 things:

Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum.

We are ALL out of bubble gum.

We are seeking Peaceful Resolutions

for the betterment of our future, 

and writing what will be American History one day.

11th Generation American Melungeon and Disgruntled Combat Veteran

Nicole (Schuyler) Kapuscinski



We are seeking Peaceful Resolutions for the betterment of our future. We plan on tackling inadequate laws in Indiana and getting to the root of why some of us have no rights in Indiana. 


I see a sea of people coming together for the greater good of our communities and not just politics. There are a lot of NON Partisan issues that WE the PEOPLE need to be talking about. There is a great divide happening, and we want to be able to say that we tried to seek unity across the board as it's supposed to be. 

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