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Bingham & Madison Square Apartments (Anderson, Indiana) timeline:


Honorable Mention:

Kim Townsend with the Anderson Housing Authority. 

Marilynn Coullier Gathering of Queens

Chelsea Newell Former Tenant of Bingham Square Apartments


Residents demand change at two Anderson apartment complexes - -


I’m sure there are lots of folks that may not even know all the people who have already helped the Tenants at Bingham or Madison Square. We salute your hard work put into behind the scenes. We may never know all the ins and outs, but everyone who has stood their ground to get this information out there has my appreciation and support. 


I wanna tell those people that we hear you, and we want to help. 


Chelsea Newell Petition:

Petition · Support Bingham square tenants demand city of Anderson's response to unsafe housing 


(Larry Savage videos from Bingham Square and the Council Video snippet.)

January 12, 2023

Rebecca Crumes Video: Facebook Ollie Dixon Walks Out!! 

Facebook: From Bingham Square Apartments 

Council Meeting Feb 2023 Heated Debate 

Feb 9, 2023 Bingham Square talk spawns spat



Herald Bulletin Articles 2020 to Present 2023:

Aug 27, 2020

Council OKs $935,000 bond for Bingham Square Apartments

Sep 15, 2020 Bingham Square Apartments added to TIF district

Aug 12, 2021 ARC hopes to resolve Bingham Square tenant complaints

Oct 1, 2021

ARC continues effort to resolve issues with Bingham Square owners

Oct 13, 2021

AHA: 11 apartments at Bingham Square need emergency repairs

Oct 12, 2021

ARC hires inspector for report on Bingham Square Apartments

Oct 14, 2021

Bingham Square to stop accepting public housing vouchers 

Oct 18, 2021

Bingham Square owners sold Michigan property for nearly $20 million 

Oct 26, 2021 Bingham Square denies access for inspections 

Nov 10, 2021

Bingham Square talks continue with Anderson Redevelopment Commission

Nov 18, 2021

Anderson Housing Authority abating rent on 16 Bingham Square apartments

Nov 30, 2021

Anderson residents' ideas sought for spending American Rescue Plan funds

Dec 9, 2021

Anderson housing officials have relocated 17 families from Bingham Square apartments

DEC 27, 2021 — Petition on Tenants apartments have been flooding lately and can’t find anyone to contact things are getting worse by the day. Tenants that have moved apartments are still trashed no one cleaned them out. Something needs to be done asap tenants air or heat doesn’t work also and it’s getting really cold out these apartments are in horrible condition pine tree was shut down and didn’t have none of these bad conditions 


DEC 28, 2021

Petition on Tenants don’t deserve to live like animals. 


JAN 4, 2022 — Petition on Been trying to contact the owner to see about my deposit no one answer the phone and also no one emails me back. It’s the past 45 days we been waiting and nothing. I’m not the only one deposit they have taken.


Something needs to be done asap. 

Jan 13, 2022

Anderson again to try to fix dispute with Bingham Square owners


Jan 26, 2022 Owner of troubled Bingham Square Apartments approached Anderson housing

Feb 9, 2022

Three potential buyers for the beleaguered Anderson apartment complex

Apr 13, 2022

Anderson Housing Authority files lawsuit against Bingham Square owners

Apr 18, 2022

Anderson awaits details on potential Bingham Square buyer

Apr 20, 2022 Bingham Square owes Anderson $405,000 in utility bills

May 10, 2022

Anderson Redevelopment Commission gives contingency approval to sale of Bingham 

Jul 20, 2022

Judge awards $9,000 to Housing Authority in Bingham Square lawsuit 

Dec 15, 2022

City sends a second demand letter to Bingham Square owners 


JAN 14, 2023 — Petition on I finally was able to move from Bingham square apartments Nov 2021 the apartment owners finally gave my deposit back after it took me to say something about small claims court. We were able to move but the people in Bingham square still suffer from pipes busted, ceilings caving in, water leaks etc. No one deserves to live in these conditions. Waking up not able to get in shower brush your teeth and things like that is a bit ridiculous. The days living in Bingham square was a nightmare and I’m sure it’s still a nightmare for the others that haven’t been able to move. When one hurt in our community we all hurt. 






Feb 9, 2023 Bingham Square talk spawns spat 


Mar 13, 2023

Discussions continue on future of troubled Bingham Square Apartments 


Madison County Council:


District 1 Bethany Keller 

District 2 Diana Likens   

D3 Jodi Norrick   

D4 Robert Steele  

D5 Anthony Emery 

At Large: Ben Gale  

At Large: Mikeal Vaughn 


Scan_20230323 (3).jpg

Bingham Square Apartments 2023


Gary Plichta West Palm Beach Florida owns Bingham & Madison Square Apartments in Anderson Indiana. Gary and his associates came to Anderson in September 2019 pre pandemic. They made a bunch of empty promises. They bought the already problematic complexes and received almost a million dollars to renovate/update the properties. 

The Pandemic comes and wreaks havoc on the Nation. We get it, stuff happens. Plans change and some things can be out of our control. However, it's been 4 years since the initial purchase. The property management fixed a couple of things then left the tenants hanging. 

Property Resources (Gary Plichta) also kept collecting rent each month even though some of the apartments did not have heat or water.


In fact, the utilities were included in the rent and the property managers did not pay the bills. That isn't the tenants' fault, but they were definitely mistreated at the hands of Gary Plichta and his associates. Where did the money go?!?

Sadly we may never know

where the borrowed money went.


We may never know where the rent money for utilities went, but we do know it wasn't being spent on the property's utility account. Many of the tenants had to go without heat and water for a year or more. That is what I would say is inhumane treatment of fellow Americans on American soil and supposedly we can do nothing about it.


We couldn't use city property to raise money for Bingham or Madison Square tenants due to a supposed ordinance

Thankfully the Housing Authority

and a couple of other agencies were able to step in to help


Many people were able to move,

but there are still people living

at the apartment complexes in May 2023.

I bet Gary Plichta and Associates

did not go without heat and water or power.


I was able to find the location for Gary Plichta on Public Record. Gary lives in a gated community that doesn't allow google maps to zoom into his property.

However, thank God for Zillow because I was able to get a walkthrough of the mansion where Gary Plichta lives in Florida.



Plichta's home has 7 bathrooms in it...

Check this out:

Gary Plichta Property Resource Associates LLC


10655 Versailles Blvd, Wellington, FL 33449 | Zillow

I personally was not expecting to find such an immaculate property. Gary Plichta could house some of these people or let them come and stay for a little vacay considering some of the tenants helped pay his bills. Plus Anderson Indiana literally gave Plichta almost a million dollars from our TIF fund and we can't get it back apparently. 


Gary Plichta should not be allowed to keep his home in Florida for allowing his fellow Americans in Indiana to suffer before, during, and three years after the Nation was unlocked. People need work and I'm positive there are local contractors around here that need the work. It's a shame that so many out-of-town people own so many properties in Anderson Indiana. We should be called the slumlord capital. 


Seriously, with such inadequate laws in Indiana and across the Nation, there is no wonder we have so many pissed-off Americans.


 To Be Continued...

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