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Madison County Election Board

2022 Complaint:​

Republican Chair Russ Willis 

Ex Democrat Chair Tim Funk 

Ex Madison County Clerk

n.k.a Commissioner Olivia Pratt

2023 Complaint:

Republican Chair Russ Willis 

Ex Democrat Chair Tim Funk 

Madison County Clerk Linda Smith

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Inquiring Minds Wanna Know?!?

Madison County Election Board Complaint
Say What?!?

Have you ever tried to file an election complaint in Indiana?

Unfortunately, I have and it's not as easy of a process as I had initially thought. It was a series of misfortunate events that caused me to become a witness to election fraud or illegal acts with respect to the election process 2020. 

I've heard stories about Madison County and Politics my entire life. Or I can remember miscellaneous stories I have heard over the years. In fact, I remember stories my grandpa told me about how we were forced to move out of Irondale because the City of Anderson would not give the proper permits to build onto existing houses on the White River. 

I never would have believed the stories about Politics in Anderson if it weren't for my grandpa's stories and my personal experience with the local politicians costing me a lot of money over the years. Here I sit typing the story of how I became the local crazy disgruntled combat veteran of Anderson Indiana.


I honestly can't believe that at one time I was willing to take a bullet for people who don't care about me or the sacrifice we soldiers/veterans make in order for others to be safe. 

I have to go backward in order to go forwards. So let's rewind shall we...


In 2017 a lot of paradigm-shifting things started happening. Things in the City of Anderson had hit a nerve with me. The main issue at the time was the Needle Give Away program. 

At one time the N.E.P. lost 120,000+ dirty needles into our city. A lot of Anderson was tired of finding the needles all over the place. It had hit an all-time epidemic around our community before the Pandemic came. 

At one time the N.E.P. lost 120,000+ dirty needles into our city. A lot of Anderson was tired of finding the needles all over the place. It had hit an all-time epidemic around our community before the Pandemic came. 


We got the NEP defunded in 2017. The local politicians decided to make deals that would place the NEP across from my old house 2018. On the day they were deciding the future of the program 06/05, I found a dirty needle in front of my house again.


Needless to say, I decided to go to the meeting and hand the dirty single bio-hazardous contaminant unit in a detergent bottle to Stephanie Grimes Melinger. She was the head of the program at one time and was promoted to head of the health department after losing a bunch of dirty needles in the City of Anderson.

(I personally would have been fired.)


I was forced to move instead of fighting with the program anymore by 2019. The NEP may not be the ultimate solution to the problem, but nonetheless, it's better than the alternative of dirty needles and a HEP C epidemic breaking out in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.

The move cost me a

$100,000 dollar mortgage.

I have to fill in all the blanks before I can get to where I am going with this storyline.


I was literally home for 10 years before I started learning how corrupt our local government is. I never would have thought it started with the election board or should I say the party chairs who sit on the board. But, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. It seems that the party chairs get to pick and favor people regardless of their qualifications for a position as long as it helps with the party agenda. 

There were other Republicans running for office in both these election seasons, and yet they endorsed some and not others. 







Russ Willis Republican Party Chair
Russ Willis Republican Party Chair

So much for staying neutral. 

When I say party agenda I'm not talking about the State Party Agenda or the National Party Agenda either. I'm talking about a select group of people who try to stay in power to line their pockets more so than actually helping our community. It would take me several more years to learn through first-hand experience that the agenda starts with the Party Chairs who just happen to sit on the local Board of Elections.

I haven't even gotten to the climax of the story. 2019 was the best and worst year of my life. I would spend 3 years in court with a local politician (A.C.S. Board Member). I finally won the legal battle in June of 2022. It cost me $40,000 in attorney's fees which means I got put in the financial hole with another $100,000.00 in damages. 

The Jury awarded me $40,000.00 in damages at Trial. I couldn't get the money because of the way the law is written in Indiana. So it was a first-hand bittersweet win. 

2023 I am up to $200,000+ in damages by misc. leadership in our County. At this point, people can't tell me that the politicians endorsing each other don't know what the other ones are doing. The local parties are splitting. Who are we supposed to trust in leadership positions at this point, people in charge keep breaking laws, and others in charge turn a blind eye. 

It was through the initial interaction with my Bully Neighbor who became a Politician while actively suing me in a Madison County Court that I would experience local corruption. It had been 5 months since I purchased my growstead on Spring Hill. What I didn't know was my entire life was about to change in the blink of an eye when the owners of the property next door to mine showed up claiming they owned a 1/2 acre of my property December 2019.

In December 2019 property owners next door came to town. I was not impressed by my first impression especially because of the discussion. Out of all the stories to lead with, the woman began telling us they were up here visiting on vacation. Not once did the man correct the woman. Both of them went on to tell my husband they would have to go back to their home in Byrdstown Tennessee in order to find legal documents to prove their fictitious claim.

I say fictitious claim because not only did legal documents not exist, they didn't even meet the criteria for adverse possession a.k.a. squatter's rights. They could however afford a very fancy attorney from out of town to help them steal my property using the local justice system.


Some people say it's not illegal if it's in the justice system. I'm sorry, but if something doesn't belong to you then there should not be any law that allows someone to take your property without just compensation. Eminent Domain shouldn't exist either, but it does. 

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction

the equal protection of the laws.

(14th Amendment US Constitution)

Back to the context of the back story.

Several things happened in January 2020. The next-door property owner was supposed to go back to Byrdstown Tennessee to get legal docs and then contact me.They didn't contact me. Instead, they sent a land surveyor to create a new land description to use against me in court, and then played victim.

Meanwhile, I didn't wait on the neighboring property owners to find a legal document. I began my own research. The Title Company sent me a copy of the 2004 Deed with the property owner's signature on it. At that moment I knew the next-door neighbor was lying! 

Kenneth Hodson ACS Board of Trustees Catch 22

NOTE: The Inheritance Hijacker & Land Pirate Stephen Schuyler created the document. Schuyler is now a disbarred attorney and spent many years in prison for his crimes.

For four months the property owners next door made several attempts for a hostile takeover of a Combat Veterans property 2020. Let's say it didn't go as planned. Instead of sitting down with me to figure out who was ripping us off, the older couple decided they were going to take me to court and have a Judge take my property from me on their behalf. 

April 2020 during the World Wide Pandemic and National Lockdowns while everyone else is obeying the Governor's orders, I'm over here defending myself from rich politician neighbors who didn't even want to compensate me for my loss. Even though they got money for the property already in 2004 when they sold it. 


If they would have won their claim then I would have been stuck with paying a mortgage that included 0.47 acres without owning it. I'm so thankful I won. I will never be the same person I was before all of this happened.  

By the end of April 2020, I received a Demand letter to vacate my property during the lockdown. Four months after the initial meeting I was accused of breaking and entering into my own property. The letter stated other things that could not be proven. Their story changed 5 plus times in 2.5 years. I'm not quite sure what their truth is. 

They failed to provide any legal document to back their claim and then used an attorney to bully me into handing them a Quit Claim Deed or else face them in court. They also sent a 2004 False Ad that proved crimes had been committed by them pre-closing, yet they blamed the Title Company for the error. Neither of the Hodsons ever mentioned Inheritance Hijacker & Land Pirate Ex. Attorney Stephen Schuyler drafted the documents for the 2004 closing.

Later they would admit to not reading the closing documents from 2004, and that they made the decision to advertise the property as 1 acre without taking the proper steps to split the parcel before marketing it. Their error mislead the previous homeowners, and then the property was foreclosed on in 2017 barring unknown claimants to possession. 

Kenneth Hodson ACS Board of Trustees Catch 22

The April 2020 Demand Letter included the 2004 False Ad as proof of their claim to ownership instead of using the Deed they signed in 2004.

Kenneth Hodson ACS Board of Trustees Catch 22

In 2023 I had to learn that the Statute of Limitations for Real Estate Fraud in Indiana is 5 years. It had been 17 years at the time the criminal document was played again. Sadly there is no such thing as a Fraud Time Clock. Basically, I could not get damages from this crime or have it investigated due to the Statute of Limitations being up. 

What does all this have to do with the Madison County Board of Elections? Great question. The answer is everything and nothing at the same time because unfortunately, we have inadequate laws in Indiana 2023.

Here is the nitty-gritty of the Madison County Board of Elections timeline. 

On October 5, 2020, I learned one of the property owners next door was running for the local School Board while actively suing me for Squatter's Rights. I immediately began an anti-campaign online that sparked a lot of attention. I placed a 5 ft by 6 ft sign in my front yard that read Hodson is a Liar. Because at that point he had lied so much to me that I should have known he was also a Politician. 

My anti-campaign had so much steam

in it that the Herald Bulletin

wrote a short snippet about

my claims in the Chaille article

about her residency concerns. 

Russ Willis Madison County Election Board

We the people should be demanding the truth about what happened from 2020 to present. Secretary of State's Office says that if Hodson was not eligible to run for the position then he is sitting there illegally and needs to be removed. There are no clear-cut instructions on how to file complaints against an election official or politician. It took me 2 years to find a grievance form online with the S.O.S.

I filed my first complaint in June 2022. I have filed so many complaints at this point that it isn't even funny. A sad fact is that I'm still waiting on a proper investigation. 

The S.O.S. responded very quickly last year. I had a response back before the end of the month. I may not have had a H.A.V.A. complaint, but if what I'm saying is true then it falls under election fraud or illegal acts with respect to the election process. 

Russ Willis Madison County Election Board
Russ Willis Madison County Election Board

I filed 2 complaints in June 2022. I finally figured out how to file a complaint with the Madison County Board of Elections. I waited several months to get a response from the 2022 local Election Board before posting the complaints on social media in October 2022.

As my posts started gaining some momentum somehow someone got me and Russ Willis connected. Russ Willis is the Republican head chair and he is on the Election Board. We spoke for less than 10 minutes. 

Russ Willis told me that there was a hearing. He also stated that the Madison County Election Board decided not to investigate Hodson for residency or eligibility concerns. Willis also stated I should have filed a complaint pre-2020 Election season.

I was so mad but understood that there were laws or codes that I may not be familiar with. I asked about why I wasn't invited to the hearing and was told that they don't have to notify anyone of hearings. My mind was blown after the phone conversation. I could not believe what I was hearing and it didn't sit right with me. 

The phone conversation with Russ Willis was enough to quiet me tho. I deleted the posts. I carried on until May 01, 2023.

On May 01, 2023, I saw a post talking about Russ Willis. I made a comment about our October 2022 phone conversation. Russ Willis saw my comments and responded by saying that I never filed a complaint. Willis also claimed he had never heard anything about my Hodson complaint. Basically, he tried to make me look like a liar on social media. How Ironic... 

Russ Willis Anderson Indiana
Russ Willis Madison County Election Board
Russ Willis Anderson Indiana

GUESS What happened next?!?

If you guessed I was as pissed off as a raging bull at a rodeo then you are absolutely correct.  I don't think there are enough words in the websters dictionary to describe or explain what occurred the moment I realized the head of the local Republican Party had just disrespected me as a Combat Veteran. The fact is he treated me as if I were nothing and my service to this Nation meant nothing to him the moment he chose to lie to me on the phone Oct 2022. 

I don't know about all soldiers or veterans, but I can speak for my training. I was trained to protect and defend politicians. I swore an oath to the Consitution to protect this Nation from our enemies foreign and domestic. 

I grew up Republican. I served this Nation as a Republican. Most of my family is Republican. I've been targeted by White Collar Criminals because of my political affiliation and family connections to American Founding Fathers. Realizing that the person in charge of making decisions for the Republicans in Madison County disrespected me without blinking an eye is one of the most hurtful things I have ever experienced after my Military service. 


As I age I try to stay as neutral on subjects as much as possible. I don't consider myself extreme. In fact, I can't stand politics even though genetically some of my grandfathers were really good at it. I know this cause I took a DNA test. Come to find out I stem from the Dutch Colony of New York and New Jersey. 

My entire family fought during the Revolutionary War which helped lead to American Independence from the British Crown. My first Great Grandfather on our soil was also the first Dutch Ambassador to the Delaware Native Americans. Ironically I live in a City named after a Delaware Chief 11 generations later. 

It's quite possible that I'm related to Chief Anderson somehow. Because one of my Grandpa's married an Anderson. My genetic story is deep. NO pun intended. 

I have learned that American History isn't a strong suit in my current hometown of Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.


Anderson, Madison County, Indiana obviously has preserved the history of Deleware Native Americans. However, no one has ever told me about how my Schuyler Family played a significant role in building the Foundation of American Freedom & History. Without some of my family fighting for our rights then we wouldn't be here at this pivotal moment on the historical timeline of America. 

The bottom line is it shouldn't be this difficult to file an election complaint in Indiana. We have had the technology for over 20 years. Our tech keeps getting better. In 2023 it's not that hard to make a complaint website to follow along with a complaint process. 

I'm a Combat Veteran. The VA website allows us to follow along with our compensation claims. National Elections has a complaint process. I don't know if we can follow along with it or not. I've never had to complain about a person in any election. This has been a very difficult path to travel. 

On May 22, 2023, I filed another complaint. Because after speaking with the current Secretary of State, I was told again that if what I'm claiming is true then it would be Election Fraud or Illegal Acts with respect to the election process. I sent 30 pages this round. 

Madison County Board of Elections 2023
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Here is the 30-page complaint:

NOTE if you care more about the grammar errors than you do about the crime then I don't know what to tell you. Other than we are screwed as a Nation if you care more about how I packaged it than the actual issue of we have no one to hold the Board of Elections accountable other than We the People who actually vote.

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Steve Sumner & Russ Willis

Madison County Residence: (July-August 23)

I need your signature to tell the Madison County Council to VOTE NO to Russ Willis's Pay Raise!! He doesn't deserve a raise until he can investigate the elections he is placed in charge of. Plus Russ Willis is the man who places people like Steve Sumner into their political slots, and I'm pretty sure they know something was off with Steve.

So many of Willis's posse are helping Sumner out while he is actively being pursued by the State of Indiana for over 20 counts of sexual misconduct with his foster children.

I am a believer in Christ. At this point, the Churches can't tell me it's ok to keep overlooking Pastor's and Politicians behaviors. It's absolutely ridiculous that we have so many predators and morons in leadership positions around Madison County whether voted in or appointed.

I personally think Russ Willis's picker is off!

We need to have Russ Willis replaced and not hand him a raise to continue to do subpar work or blatantly not respond to complaints even though the Indiana Code for his position says I should have got a response over a year ago.

I VOTE NO! How the Council votes on this matter will determine who I will continue to vote for in Madison County.

Thanks in advance.
Disgruntled Combat Veteran
Nicole Schuyler Kapuściński

P.s. I still need you to sign even if you can't vote for whatever reason. Having people like Russ Willis in empowering positions in our County isn't right. If he would mistreat me or disregard me then I can only imagine how he treats other people in our County. SMDH


If I have ever donated to you or your outreach group or helped someone you know please sign petition.

Link to Petition:

Event Link:

Madison County - Council Monthly Meeting Reminder 2023



The 2023 Madison County Election Board Russ Willis, Tim Funk, Olivia Pratt, and Linda Smith have yet to reply to my complaint from 2022 or 2023. In 2023 I added the 30 page complaint about the complaint process. 

Russ Willis chose to lie to me about the 2022 Election the Board chose not to investigate my 2022 complaint. I found on May 3, 2023, that was a lie. Then Russ Will continued to say he had never heard about my complaints. 

Shortly after I started the petition I learned how the process works. Only 3 of the 7 Madison County Council Members answered me back. Mikael Vaughn, Norrick, and Bethany Kelle were the 3 Council Members who answered me. I'm really disappointed by the lack of response. 

The petition doesn't work if people signing it don't list their district. Rookie error on the petition. I left it public because people were participating. 

Thank You for your participation. 

(PETITION Closed... We got bigger fish to fry!)

COMPLAINT 06/10/2022

I begged them all for help in this letter. 

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Ghost Employment or 2 places at once?!?

Russ Willis time card fraud or ghost employment?

Q: Russ was on the clock for weights and measures at 9 am on 5/24/2023. Where was Russ actually at?

A: The Madison County Election Board!

See also Madison County Election Board meeting Photo from 05/24/2023.

Russ Willis

How can Russ be in 2 places at once? 

If any of us did that at our job then we would be reprimanded or fired. Not Russ Willis tho. He lied on his time sheet. Then had the audacity to ask for a raise after lying on his time car. 


WHAT the actual heck is going on in Madison County Indiana?!? 

Katharine Callahan caught Russ Willis in a PICKLE. Why is it that someone that is so mean to people supposedly works for and makes bad decisions for get so much POWER over WE THE PEOPLE?! A simple GOOGLE search highlights some of his quotes about agendas. I guess Indiana Code isn't on his AGENDA LIST. 



Is this a response from a GOP county chairman seem fair & impartial? He sent this email out to the caucus members today Mon, Aug 21, 2023, 1:31 PM & the caucus is 6pm that night. PS Russ had amply time to respond & denied my request for an interview.

"Did she mention her $1000 donation to Joey Cole? Her public support of Democrat Fred Reese for Council last year?

Did she give him money too ? She supported Democrat Jerry Burmeister against Rob Steele.

And the claim of Fiscal Responsibility ?? How does that fit in with Her and Troy Abbott spending OVER $ 200,000 more than budgeted and without approval of the Council - which is a Class B Misdemeanor?

If you tell a story, tell the whole story.......

This is first for me to counterpoint a Caucus campaign piece but the lies have gone on long enough without a response. I don't read the FB pages of so-called "accountability" but I get screenshots of

somethings people think I need to be aware of - thanks for the cheap entertainment. It is hard to keep count of the lies and half and distorted truths that are spewed. And when they run out of those things they resort to name calling. What a class bunch.

Constant Attacks on the Party, Commissioners, Council Members and Auditor and even the State Party Chairman on FB and Podcasts are beyond reasonable discourse. Attacks on me

bounce off so easily. But one thing has escalated to a dangerous level and I will address it tonight.

I'm off to set up sound equipment at Millcreek...See you soon - Russ"


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Walmart & TIM FUNK Saga?!?

Tim Funk was shoplifting from Walmart

while actively serving on the Madison County Election Board & the County Chair for the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

Funk literally had the audacity to

shoplift which is stealing while pretending

to be an adult PUBLIC Official.


How are any of the rest of us

supposed to adult if our leadership

(the people making local rule)

aren't held at a higher state

of accountability than the rest of us?


I get people are good people and their family loves them very much. However good people don't steal for starters. Politics isn't just 10 minutes of fame and a bunch of bad calls. It's so much more that meets the eye. I behoove folks to start understanding HISTORY of America and the PRE FORMATION with all the Reformists flocked here for Freedom. 

WHO is Tim Funk?!? 

Tim Funk rose to local fame when he got a social media group handed to him over 10 years ago. Shortly after the Facebook Group idea boomed, and there were several local groups at the time. FUNKS group primarily operated as a scanner group for the City of Anderson. 

Tim Funk's group actually helped me understand why it becomes dangerous for all parties involved to have the incident aired on Facebook. The rise of crime junkies fleeing to scenes and actual criminals were able to track the cop's movements. It got so out of hand I remember someone saying she recognized dispatchers by their voice. SMDH 

Social Media doesn't seem that bad until it gets in the hands of someone like Tim Funk and whoever he puts in charge of his group. They get a head trip and start acting like Facebook Nazi's by only allowing certain people to comment. 

At some point Tim Funk decided to use the group to influence local politics without telling the people who helped him build it. Funk at some point switched up the group by targeting them to ask for votes. Tim tried to run in local elections. The Herald Bulletin actually quoted someone saying there was a Democrat with a FB Group helping in our community which has been the ultimate lie since the group's conception. 

What makes me mad is I give these political people the benefit of the doubt before meeting them. For whatever reason I find myself in situations where my moral code comes into play. The next thing I know I'm being targeted by their groups or followers. 

I was in the local groups at launching. I actually helped get information out to the PUBLIC. I didn't really care for Tim Funk back then. Plus, I didn't need or rely on someone like Tim Funk for my local information. I created multiple local groups and gave them lots of ideas on how to run their groups then was canceled an Ex of one of my Exes because I let her in as Co Admin 2017ish. 

I took some time off of admining groups and became an actively participating advocate on miscellaneous topics. At some point by 2020 I joined up with Time Funk's group. I swear I'm a glutton for punishment locally. Because I got suspended for saying something that was liked by someone. Instead of telling me what I said or did I could still see the group but couldn't comment back to anyone in the group. 

It took me awhile to figure out what post or comment did me in. I boiled it down to the Raymond Waymire Jr. Murder thread. Waymire was a childhood friend and neighbor. People were jumping on the FREE Zach Train, and I was triggered by it for some odd reason. 

Behind the scenes me and several people mined Hileman's social media. Hileman was in jail 48-72 hours after he killed Ray in cold blood. Zach was in jail when his account was deactivated. It didn't matter at that point because of Team Waymire we had already got as many photos as we could. I hand delivered the social media evidence to the prosecutors myself. 

The comment's I made were not so nice about the Murderer Zachary Hileman and his defense attorney. The same attorney locally known for botching cases. Supposedly Tim Funk is connected to the attorney. I had to figure all that out on my own because Funk or his admin decided I was not worthy enough of an explanation. Back to they need to deactivate their group because they don't actually abide by the same rules and laws, they expect the rest of the community to abide by. 

Bottom line as a Combat Veteran and descended from the Tribe who helped write the Constitution then I should get to say my piece.

I personally can't stand when someone in power or a leadership position censors someone and violates their freedom of speech for no good reason. I also got put in time out all the time when I was a kid, and I learned as an adult that most the time I was in the right. However, the adult in charge punished me for it. 

Anchor 7

Tim Funk crossed the line into a political arena and continued to look down on everybody.

Before groups like Tim Funk's group, people had to wait for the coroner or an investigator to call about their loved one being in an accident and being killed. After the rise of scanner groups or awareness groups, people would wake up to check their social media and see a picture of their loved one's vehicle or accident that killed their loved one. It is quite sad to see it online first.

2023 Let me get this straight: A Man who became Facebook Famous used a group for political gain and gossiped about anyone who got in trouble in the same group.  The Man then goes on to become head of the Madison County Democrat Party and sits on the local Election Board. For whatever reason starting in April of 2023 the man decides to start shoplifting at Walmart. (CORRECT)

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