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2023 NOT my MAYOR
John Dyer Candidate

(Me) Closes her eyes and clicks her heels together... Says "There is no place like Home! There is no place like Home!? There is no place like Home?!?" 

Home is where your heart is. My heart currently resides in Anderson Indiana. I tried to get out of town once and got pulled back here due to a series of misfortunate events. Hence, why I now have multiple complex traumas. 


People like to purposely trigger me then cry wolf or say I'm the crazy one or My personal favorite on social media is to make up whatever story they want after deleting what they said first. Then they proceed to be the aggressor and/or start name-calling or verbally abusing you publicly because they don't get their way in the argument or debate. 

Another favorite is posting something on social media. An engagement begins and the other person edits the post to make it look like you said something that has nothing to do with the price of rice in China. Then gets their platform of followers who didn't see the manipulative move, to begin with being all up in your space on behalf of their virtual leader. (No Integrity)

These types of scenarios happen every day where I come from. "The mini Chiraq." The 6th City of the most DANGEROUS places in Indiana is the City of Anderson. 



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NOPE!! Still in Chiraq!

I mean the City of Anderson, Indiana during another election cycle in 2023. 

What the WHAT?!?

It is the 2023 Election Cycle for the City of Anderson. We have politicians here like Steven Craig Sumner, and other families connected to him as well as "Lord Voldemort". L.V. is the name I can't say without someone pitching a hissy fit. 

To those that know me, they know I'm all for the underdog in any fight, race, or political platform. For those tuning in I want to make it very clear that I gave this man plenty of time to show himself as a decent Mayoral Candidate. Everything I've seen just keeps getting worse. 

I'm NOT for the newest 2023 Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer. He and his Baby Momma or Fiance shouldn't be allowed to have access to everyone's personal identification information to the city employees. Both have an extensive criminal history expungement.


Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer has been arrested a lot over the years for felonies while other people have served prison time. I personally don't care about the Marijuana arrest. I do care about the fact that he got such a cake deal with 2 years in house arrest. 

The oddest part about John E. Dyer's expunged case is the fact of the light punishment or the slap on the wrist every time he messed up. I'm actually impressed by the lack of prison time which has me and a lot of other people left with a lot of questions and concerns. 

Let's start with how did we get to this pivotal moment in the Debate Timeline. 

08/16/2023 The West Side Citizens Coalition (Domino) posted the leaked Tim Funk documents about charges. 

For some odd reason, Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer got on the West Side Coalition FB Group, Funk thread and started talking down to another local influencer. I happen to have high regard for Domino and what he has done up to this point in our community. 20/20 hindsight, I should have screenshotted the debate for future reference because Dyer deleted his comments. In turn, the deletion deleted the debate thread. 

Here is my recap: 





For those of you believing that they did nothing to trigger or provoke me, you are sadly mistaken. Me and John Dyer haven't gotten along since the Murder of Raymond Waymire Jr. in cold blood. There is a lot of speculation surrounding the events that got Waymire shot and killed with a handgun that went missing throughout most of the case. 

For starters, there were no marks on Hileman's face. A lot of people were jumping on the Free Zach bandwagon. Ray wasn't a perfect guy by any means, but he still didn't deserve to be gunned down by someone's kid who should have been home by curfew.  


Basically, I was triggered by my friend's Murder known to the PUBLIC as Raymond Waymire Jr. I grew up with Ray and I have a lot of fond memories of him. When I get triggered I try to focus on childhood memories as a calming mechanism. Never would I have thought those memories get connected to grief.


Complex P.T.S.D. and Grief are not a good combo. Because my dreams or fond memories come crashing down on me like a scene from Inception. 

The part people don't know is that I don't just get triggered emotionally or mentally, I have a physical response. When a person loses a friend or loved one then we are left wanting to say stuff that we can't. We can't say the things we want to a person who got Murdered prematurely. 

The argument between Me and Chelsey Burkhardt (John E. Dyer) started in 2021 after Zachary Hileman shot my friend in cold blood Oct. 3, 2021.

I had less than 72 hours to gather as much evidence off of his social media before someone deactivated the account.

Ironically, someone deactivated Hileman's Facebook while he was locked up in Jail for Murder. That would be a form of aiding and abetting a criminal. 

I was able to get the Prosecuting Attorney to subpoena social media to show the trend of thug behaviors leading up to the shooting. Virtual forensics is equally important in solving cases. The gun was eventually found, but nobody said where it came from or whom he got it from to my knowledge. (Moot Point)

I wasn't the only person collecting data for the P.A. and I made a couple of friends for my antics and activism tactics. I also lost some friends and figured out who I don't want to rub elbows with including Chelsey Burkhardt. So NO I don't want to meet her somewhere to discuss anything with her. Given the track record up to this point, it would be a dumb move. 

I'm pretty sure she could have met me somewhere up to this point if she truly wanted to meet me. At this point, she doesn't want to sing Come by here My Lord with me. I'm pretty sure the cops are going to say it's a civil matter. 

If I don't agree then bam...


Word on the street is there is a collection of guns somewhere and I don't care to find out where or who they belong to. When they say let's meet up, it's not to sing come by here my lord. This is politics. In politics, people that don't like each other don't meet up.


There is also no back-peddling after starting an argument with someone you've never met before.

We can't get Raymond Waymire back.


In my personal opinion of both their given track records, I feel there is no option for me to disagree with their behaviors or politics. They call me a keyboard warrior, but they're the ones that don't do anything publicly. At least I follow through with awareness and outreach ideas.


I truly can't believe that John E. Dyer would start saying things when it's him that doesn't know his own supposed City.



The point behind this entire thread and website is people should pay attention to who they vote for. Up to this point, people in Madison County or Anderson have been endorsing the wrong Candidates. That is how we get into some of the predicaments our local Government has gone through since the 2020 Pandemic, and are currently experiencing. It's nuts around Anderson.  

I participated in activism pre-military. The Military taught us about politicians and government People like to call the Military when things get out of hand. An example is D.C. called in the National Guard to protect Politicians in D.C. When I come in contact with a politician that can't play nice with others then I have to point it out. 

Back to where this started last week. Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer said I made up lies about him. I'm pretty sure I just released accurate information that is available to the public. Mr. Dyer doesn't like the information I released. Neither does Chelsey Burkhardt who happens to be his Baby Momma or Common Law Spouse. 

I've personally had 2 encounters with Chelsey Burkhardt and I'm not impressed. Believe it or not folks some people can lie so much they believe their own lies. Certain traits are natural and stem from somewhere generationally. I will get back to that later down this virtual interactive storyteller. 

08/16/2023 I happened upon the Tim Funk thread in the W.C.C. FB Group. John E. Dyer was saying some not-so-nice things to Domino. I didn't appreciate some of the stuff Dyer was saying. 

I jumped in and answered my own questions by doing a simple Google search for John E. Dyer. I've never in my lifetime seen someone get such a cake deal on a Marijuana case. The case was expunged in May 2023, but a public file of the case still lingers in virtual space. 


A person would think that another person in John E. Dyer's shoes would be humbled to get such preferential treatment. One thing I did notice is they have the same attorney as Zachary Hileman and Steven Sumner. That may or may not matter, but it should be an example of someone who paid a lot of money to get himself outta trouble.

Instead of starting out at an entry-level position in politics, John E. Dyer went straight to the top of the leadership board of the City. We are currently in a full-swing political season, and the election is right around the corner. I can't help, but point out all the red flags associated with Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer, and Chelsey (Angela) Burkhardt trio.

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A simple BACKGROUND Check told me everything I needed to know about the newest Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer Independent. My inbox was filled with chatter when the news first broke about his decision to run for Mayor. Good thing I saved a bunch of information starting back in 2021 when all the bickering started. It came in handy for my anti-campaign. 


I wouldn't have said a word if he would have shown any type of integrity last week. Dyer deleted his comments and then used a fake pseudonym profile to respond to me. Then he decided it was a good idea to call me stupid over the numbers 01 and 09, but he deleted the thread for whatever reason. 

Photo Credit: Screenshots from John E. Dyer a.k.a. Shrapnel Slurpee. 


2023 Mayoral Candidate John Dyer a.k.a. Shrapnel Slurpee 08/18/2023

Does it even matter if Broderick was the First P.A. or the 2nd P.A.?!? No, it doesn't matter one bit to me and a lot of voters in the City of Anderson, Indiana.

The exact comment he was mad about was me saying I was in Baghdad Iraq while he was doing gangster crap from certain dates or something like that. This dude is so dumb he thought I was referencing the numbers in his case file and called me stupid. NO NOT my Mayor John Dyer or Shrapnel Slurpee, I was talking about the people in your circle who seem to have a lot of junk in their trunks. We will never know unless he had a screenshot before he deleted the thread. 

John E. Dyer has NO INTEGRITY!

Mayoral Candidate John Dyer NOR his Baby Momma Chelsey Burkhardt Support Combat Veterans in Madison County Indiana. In fact, they think they are smarter than everybody else in the City of Anderson. Especially the uninformed or older or younger voters. SMDH

Wanna be a BALLER, or SHOT CALLER?

NOTE: Drug Dealers who are busted and serve NO prison time when other dealers during the same timeframe were seeing many years behind bars is baffling to me in Indiana. Or the Hoosier Cannabis Community of Refugees could have got it legalized by now. 

John Dyer has not been to any Cannabis Rallies or Events in the State of Indiana that I have ever attended since 2015. He sure doesn't mind riding coattails to get his case expunged. Nor is he being nice to other people in the City of Anderson, Madison County, IN. 

(Photos were posted above)
Here is the message I posted after realizing I struck a nerve: Westside Concerned Citizens Coalition FB Group - Tim Funk P.C. leak. 

Where did all of John Dyer's comments go? I find it quite funny he pitched such a fit on here yesterday about stuff then the thread gets deleted. I for one can't vote for someone that has NO Integrity. I find it even funnier that Mr. Dyer miraculously came up with a crew this week when some of us have been trying to help for many years now.

My personal favorite was how Mr. Dyre referred to you people or someone not doing enough!! Well, Mr. Dyer thanks for all of a sudden getting your record cleared and then deciding to run for Mayor without knowing how to do the job description.

It's not just showing up to act like a big bank takes a little bank after flexing your finger muscles on a post. Bye-bye integrity or was the fact that I mentioned so much stuff about you, and we've never met before? HMMMMM I did a simple background check on you and learned everything I needed to know.

To me, this is nothing more than a grudge match for you, and you are going to steal a lot of Democrat votes or Independent votes to help Jon Bell or the Independent. 

(Correction Dyer is the Independent and Mayor Broderick is the Democrat choice on the ballot.)

Next, I would like to see you on a debate platform and see how you answer questions. You can't be dependent on Baby Momma when you're up there so you might actually have to think about how to answer very relevant questions. If you were such a badass business owner or baller then you wouldn't need Baby Momma who got in trouble for stealing scripts or writing bad scripts just like her mom, and then you put the business in her name.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch while ya'all were having your hayday slangin whatever gangster stuff you were slanging back in the early 2000s to 2010, people like me were serving this Nation in a war zone. There is no way on God's green earth that I would vote for someone who thinks it's cool to sit on a toilet counting dollars.

I don't know too many women around here that would think it was a great idea to have the first ex-felon, first lady. If ya'all can do it heck I might as well put my bid in for something. I at least understand the position, assignment, and job description.

We don't need a Jerry Springer Episode Family in the Mayor seat of this city.

It's bad enough as it is... At the end of the day, I wanna see you on a debate platform with Thomas Broderick who just happened to be the prosecuting attorney in the OG case that got expunged. Now that would be entertainment just like the bullshit thread I read this a.m.

Hey, what do I know oh wait I learned how to pay attention to my surroundings. I seriously wish I would have captured some of the crap you were typing or spewing on this thread. Look forward to seeing you actually attend City and County Council Meetings and not just watch the videos from the sideline.

Hey, at least something got ya motivated to get a crew together and do some cleaning...

Add the Homeless Encampments to your list like I have. I'll be out there 09/16/2023 cleaning up White River. 2 Town Halls coming up at the library to talk about the Homeless Issue and finding solutions and not pointing fingers at each other about who does more than who when you just showed up in 2023. SMDH

The kicker is in the last week, John E. Dyer has fought with several people volunteering extra hours each week to help others in our community. I may not always agree with other people's behaviors, I was able to capture the 3rd virtual outburst. 

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MEET Mayoral Candidate John E. Dyer Baby Momma
a.k.a. Chelsey Burkhardt. 

My first impression is she has gotten away with a lot of crap for many years. Burkhardt has also seen a lot of crap. It's hard when your Mom starts getting in trouble at a young age. I too had a rough upbringing, but that is not an excuse to lie to people or steal. 

Chelsey Burkhardt called me a black kettle for whatever reason and her hands were dirtier than mine. I did edit the Hileman Flyer to reflect the 3 charges she took a plea deal for in May 2023. Deep down she was chomping at the bits to be rude. 

Chelsey literally stood up for a Murderer and called a Combat Veteran crazy. She proceeded to tell me all about myself for telling a Murderer and his friends they were assholes for what they did. 



I can't help it, but I don't think it's very smart to put people in positions of power that have any type of theft in their background. I'm not buying the whistleblower and being a scapegoat for Bethany Pointe's story. Up to this point she has obviously been able to make excuses for her actions and gotten away with only God knows what and neither do I care. 

Angela Burkhardt is Chelsey's Mother. Angela's rap sheet is super long. It includes prison time, fraud, lying, thieving, forgery, and all kinds of similar charges to Chelsey's original charges. I have learned in my lifetime that people in Madison County Indiana can get away with a lot of crimes if they have the right attorney. 

Most people can't afford one attorney let alone 2 attorneys. If by a miracle you can afford 2 attorneys then they better get ALL the charges dropped. In Chelsey's case, she had 2 attorneys and still took a plea deal which means enough happened that it was better to take a plea deal than get sentenced by a Jury and Judge. Diversion Programs are for firt time offenders  

Innocent people or whistleblowers don't take plea deals for a lesser sentence. Guilty people with 2 attorneys do. Chelsey Burkhardt started out with 9 charges similar to Angela's historic charges. In May of 2023, a plea deal was made.


A majority of the charges were dropped down to 3 supposedly. The document that I was sent was confusing. Because it said charge 4 was dismissed then 2 paragraphs later said the plea deal was for charges 3,4, and 5. 

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